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Set far back from the street, this superior two-story modern residence was designed in 1961 for a sculptor and her husband by Ed Grensbach, one of LA's premier residential architects of the post World War II period. Flood damage was the impetus for the present owner to embark on a wide-ranging revival of original interior and exterior features and revamping for fittings, finishes, and furnishings of all main rooms and baths. A generously scaled pergola that was structurally renewed connects all buildings on the site, including the frontal garage. The street-front presence of the property — a new curving poured concrete wall and stainless steel gate and canopy shelter — leads to the home’s entrance some 70 feet away, beyond the swimming pool that also provides shimmering reflections of the house and garden. Surrounding the site on the three interior sides, a new striated, seven foot high masonry wall provides a protective and visual backdrop. See also Baker Gateway

Richard Baker house evening view
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