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To protect against possible recurrence of a major neighborhood flooding incident of 2005, the site was surrounded on three interior sides with a vertically striated, seven-foot high concrete masonry wall that also provided a backdrop for viewing the fine two-story modern home. The entrance frontage, blemished by collapsing fences and an overgrowth of ivy, received a new curving concrete entrance wall and stainless steel gate and canopy shelter to fully complement and anticipate the progression of the entrance-garden-pool-house relationship. The new wall reflects the radius of the brick bench beyond that frames the forward end of the rectangular swimming pool, a part of the original landscape scheme by Emmett Wemple, serving as a prelude to the home’s entrance some 70 feet farther into the property. Replanting defers to the original landscape scheme while even the fountain pool that had adjoined the front of the house was re-excavated and restored to operation with four bubbling water jets.

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Baker plan
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