Worthy municipal buildings that are structurally sound, but no longer of adequate size or spatial arrangement to serve a community’s purposes, frequently can be remodeled, enlarged and updated to serve changed uses or expanded programs — with a cost benefit over the totally new — as exemplified by the public library described below. The size and complexity of master plans varies enormously, from a modest compound at domestic scale, to full urban complements of thousands of acres. Our experience encompasses this kind of range and allows us to offer credible and creative responses to almost any program. Projects that integrate with the land and grow from a uniqueness of the place, time and need—take special insight and vision. Creating a place where natural environment remains close to human habitat, for culture to grow, for beauty to flourish and human beings to nurture and create in sympathy with the planet ... this is the core of every one of our community and master planning projects.


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yorba linda public library