Greer Ranch, a 550-acre property capturing two valleys defined by three 600-foot high ridgelines, is located a djacent to the City of Murrieta. This fast-growing area of southern California, 70 miles southeast of Los Angeles, is drier and more temperature-extreme. The plan provides for primarily residential use, while retaining 33 percent of the acreage in preserving natural vegetation and landform. A variety of housing types, totaling 825 dwellings, cluster in neighborhoods enhanced by 30 acres of meandering greenbelts. A community center occupies 6 acres. From the upper reaches of the dramatic hillsides, arresting views reach far beyond the Ranch. Within internal valleys, mid-range views induce a comfortable feeling of seclusion and domestic scale. Working with the natural conditions rather than altering them beyond recognition, we developed strong site standards, culminating in architectural guidelines to encourage a clean, site-related, harmonious quality in the built environment. Wiehle-Carr was an integral collaborator in a planning team spearheaded by Taliesin Architects.

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