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After 25 years residency, owners of a cherished post-and-beam, architect-designed Pasadena house looked to buy a larger place to accommodate their burgeoning art and book collections and to provide more spacious personal quarters. They found nothing nearby that could compare in ambience and architectural integrity. So, to this single-story footprint was added a second floor master suite of 800 sq. ft., while former bedrooms were repurposed as studios and galleries. One side of the new stairway became added shelving for books and objects. The original wood structural detailing defined the new work. Upgrades to some materials, such as the patinated metal roof, were visual and functional improvements. Exterior enhancements included a pebbled concrete motor court with subtle night lighting, a striking site entrance feature; stainless steel pedestrian fence and gates built of vertical architectural tubes cantilevered from the ground. Battered stone walls in a concrete matrix were added to define pedestrian areas. The landscape was completely refurbished.


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