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Making the most of a canyon site that climbs up steeply from a winding hillside street, this three-story residence places the living room and master bedrooms on top. The mid level provides dining area, kitchen, two additional bedrooms and a bath. From the street level foyer, linked to the three-car garage, a concrete-encased stair tower with strategically placed view slots joins all levels. Dramatic stairway flights of perforated stainless steel cantilever from the exposed concrete walls; a central open well and skylight invite a splendid daylight aura into the tower space. Both second and third levels open to the garden hillside and to the neighboring view by way of patios, balconies and a bridge. Three roof sectors, clad in patinated metal, incline in concord with the slope of the site topography and modulate the ceiling heights within, where reflective soffits help fill the warmly finished interiors with daylight.

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