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This reinforced-brick industrial building was completed in 1950 as the daylight-filled weaving hall of Maria Kipp, a top designer of hand-loomed fabrics for a stellar clientele. With the demise of its founder in 1988, the company’s success declined into closure in 1996, leaving its 7,000 square foot facility unused. New owners, artist/teacher Ramone Muņoz and playwright Tom Jacobson, wished to convert the space under the zoning category of artists’ living / working. The two-story block of offices and ancillary rooms became living quarters and the vast 60 x 80 foot open weaving hall an artist’s studio and gallery in work by Wiehle•Carr in 2002. The factory’s showroom became the residential living room. Further enhancements — redirecting the entry sequence; suspending an office from the existing trusses over a corner of the studio; refurbishing of the master bedroom suite; removal of a wall to open the living and dining areas to the studio and refinishing of all the spaces of the first conversion — were accomplished in 2012.

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