An all-concrete, loft-like interior on the ground floor of a modernist high-rise in the Mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles provided 900 square feet for new quarters for this established chiropractic health practice. Five adjustment stations, two of which are private treatment rooms featuring X-ray and examination support, as well as a doctor’s office and reception area, are efficiently grouped in the space, which relies on screens suspended from the 14-foot structural ceiling to visually separate active areas. Two frameless glass doors and one radiation-shielded door can close the three partitioned areas for privacy. The concrete floor throughout was smoothed and polished, and where appropriate, squares of a unique fibered material were adhered at a diagonal to the enclosing walls, aligning with the adjustment tables. Built-in architectural casework elements, catering to patient convenience at each station, along with state-of-the-art electronic charting, speed service and treatment accuracy.

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