To build a state-of-the-art non-hospital environment for outpatient cancer treatment was the objective of this progressive medical practice. Two massive linear accelerator treatment chambers were constructed of poured concrete, topped by a vaulted metal roof. The connecting former restaurant space was totally restructured to provide all appropriate treatment, administrative and supporting facilities in 6,300 square feet; a separate 2,900 square foot medical tenant space fills out the rectangular footprint. Entry is from both the street and the parking lot. Interior spaces receive much controlled daylight from generous windows, clerestories and skylights, while varied ceiling heights respond to differing room functions and create a pleasant ambiance. Circulation routes are well served by skylights, leading to a treatment waiting area with indoor plants, topped by a skylight 20 feet above. Careful use of color and warm accent materials such as cedar wood make spaces feel supportive and serene. A regular grid of aluminum panels clads the exterior, telegraphing an impression of crisp efficiency.

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