Linear Accelerator Corridor
Linear Accelerator 1048 View 1
Control Room Image 2
Linear Accelerator Image 3
Control Room Image 2
Linear Accelerator 1

One of the two major linear accelerator facilities at the Cancer Center was completely redesigned in this $2,100,000 project accommodating state of the art cancer treatment equipment with special attention to human sensitivities in the control of lighting ambience, room finishes, colors, and acoustics to provide patients a low-stress, healing environment. The 2,000 square foot treatment suite and control room were designed with the utmost efficiency for medical staff and processes built-in to every bit of cabinetwork, equipment location, wiring and digital controls. The architects worked closely with medical staff, including physicists/physicians, nursing staff, logisticians, and psychologists to integrate the demands of the high-precision accelerator equipment with the optimum flexibility in accomplishing the rigorous pace of the daily treatment schedule. Ancillary setups for specialized treatment were also integrated into the room architecture.

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