The buildings and interiors designed by Wiehle•Carr do not neatly fit into any prescribed category or style. They are thoroughly studied, intentionally serious, and culturally responsible designs, derived from a careful consideration of the essence of the client's program, circumstances, and budget. They are an integration of spaces into coherent wholes: the symbiosis of context, purpose, structure, client culture, environmental awareness.

Wiehle•Carr believes that burgeoning advances in building technology must be coupled with a strongly human-centered focus of design so that the built results are responsive to both the multilevel needs of clients and users, and to the day-to-day logistics of living and working. Wiehle•Carr brings a clear vision to even the simplest project by asking the right questions; by involving the best consultants when needed; and by carefully documenting and orchestrating the design-related decision process.

In a portfolio of projects as wide-ranging as public institutions, historic Frank Lloyd Wright building restorations, healthcare projects, high-end individual homes, and retail and office environments, the firm has evolved a focused approach — particularly in the adaptive-reuse and upgrading of existing facilities — giving it a unique authority and know-how.

Working with Wiehle•Carr means working directly with the partners and staff to advance to your appropriate architectural outcome in an efficient dialogue through the processes of programming, space planning, architectural and interior design and documentation, and administration of real construction.

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