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The curatorial and architectural exhibit design of "Frank Lloyd Wright: the California Projects" at the Pacific Design Center in 1993 demonstrated the exhibit design and organizational facility of Christopher Carr, and included artifacts from the Ennis, Hollyhock, Storer, and Sturges houses, drawings and representations of Oboler's "Eaglefeather", and prototype structural systems elements of the innovative "All-Steel Houses". The exhibition "Frank Lloyd Wright: The Oboler Projects 1940 -1954" was curated and designed by the firm in 1994 and went on display at the Oboler Estate in Malibu and then at the Hollyhock House Gallery at Barnsdall Park. These activities are indicative of the vital interest Wiehle•Carr continues to have in the research into and explication of Frank Lloyd Wright's work and his means of shaping an architecture appropriate to Southern California.


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