MANAGING PRINCIPAL, Environmental Designer


As a founding principal, Christopher Carr brings to Wiehle.Carr his long experience in the environmental design, graphics and architectural fields, experience which includes directorship of interior design in his own firm for ten years, followed by a similar position as one of the four directors of a successor firm. He is a major contributor to the collaborative spirit that defines our work, believing that the best architecture grows from the interior outward as a sympathetic environment for living and working. Essentially, all aspects of the design project develop together from the beginning.

He has generated innovative, functional design solutions for a wide range of clients, from cultural and health care institutions to restaurants and retail stores, some with multiple locations nationally; to industrial facilities, to corporate offices and to exhibition design for both commercial and public entities. For most of these projects custom-designed furnishings, signage and lighting have been an integral and dynamic part of the package.


Past project involvement which has contributed to Carr's wide experience includes: branch bank space planning, interior design and facade design; exterior signing programs; and interior design for public areas, court rooms and judicial chambers. Many of his projects have received national acknowledgment and design awards.

Carr's personal commitment to education led him to a teaching position at his alma mater, Art Center College of Design, where he conducted courses in Exhibit Design and Computer Aided Design for graphic, environmental and industrial design department students for many years.




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